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My target 150 kms

I’m making a run for it this July with Run4Life to prevent youth suicide.

Every day, more than one young person in Australia takes their own life. Together, we can change that. 

I’m running to raise funds for ReachOut Australia to provide young people experiencing mental health challenges with the support they need to be happy and well. 

Although there are plenty of people out there doing it tough, I have 4 little ones doing it real tough right now. If you know us than you know this is close to us. I do this for them! My 4 little gremlins, I got this fight with you. 

Please DONATE NOW and support my challenge to save the lives of young people in Australia today. 

Thank you.

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Donation from work

Saturday 31st Jul
The donation made earlier was made from my work colleagues within the Army School of Ordnance, Distribution Operators initial employment training course. Whilst handicapped to raise funds during the COVID-19 restrictions, they were able to raise $1295 to assist with the ongoing commitments and great work that the organisation 'reachout' does to support the youth in our community. 

Day 22

Friday 30th Jul

Day 21

Thursday 29th Jul

Day 20

Wednesday 28th Jul

Day 19

Monday 26th Jul
Bit of a break down from my run today. Walk outside to put my shoes on and its raining, meh! Start my run and the rain backs off but 2km in, I start to feel every muscle, joint and bone from the hips down. 4km in im thinking this is really hurting for some reason and 4km is all I needed so stop! Hell no, thats when I really need to start pushing and push I did. Not fast but through the pain. If I stopped at a goal I set than it takes me longer to get to my next goal. Just because you reach your goal doesn't mean you should stop. Keep pushing.

Day 18

Sunday 25th Jul

Day 17

Friday 23rd Jul

Day 16

Thursday 22nd Jul

Day 15

Wednesday 21st Jul

Day 14

Tuesday 20th Jul

Day 13

Monday 19th Jul

Day 12

Sunday 18th Jul
This one hurt today but got it done.

Day 11

Saturday 17th Jul

Day 10

Wednesday 14th Jul

Day 9

Tuesday 13th Jul

Day 8

Monday 12th Jul

Day 7

Sunday 11th Jul
That one felt better than my day 1. Every day you train/fight is a better and easier future day. Keep it up!

Day 6

Friday 9th Jul

Day 5

Thursday 8th Jul
So cold! Still got a run in.

Day 4

Wednesday 7th Jul

Day 3

Tuesday 6th Jul
Keep on pushing!!

Day 2

Monday 5th Jul
Little bit faster! Cold, wet, windy it doesn't matter cause someone's mental health doesn't take a break because of weather! Keep on running

Day 1

Sunday 4th Jul
A little slow but not too bad.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Roy's Work Colleagues.

Donated by the men and women at my workplace after they kindly passed the hat around


Bridgewood Homes


Dean Cannon

You got this man


Kristy Buckingham

You are an inspiration Roy.


Katie Nutt

You are brilliant Roy!!!




Jones Co Street Ski Surf

You are killing it! Keep up the good fight.


Emily Gotts

Phenomenal effort towards something so important.






Peter Sharman

Well done for doing this Roy. Awesome effort to raise so much money for a great cause.


Roy Farrelly


Shelly Chattin

Keep going mate we’ve got your back!


Rigger Pl



Even though you're my little brother, I look up to you so much and am so proud of who you are and the amazing father you are ❤❤


David Priman

Love you all


Sarah Holmes

Such a great fund raiser and effort by you, Roy! So good, well done. 👊👍


Barbara Poole


Auntie Leonie

You lil ripper Roybee. Kudos to you always


Jasmin Farrelly


Tangambalanga General Store

We watch you running through the fog and frost - keep running to your goal.


Christian Meadows




Valda And John Wells

Great thing to do - hope you reach your target 👍




Daneil Wade

Good work mate. Keep it up


Mya Leong

No more youth suicide


Paul Hague




Melissa Farrelly